Mobilizing social media for Development

Social media networks are fundamentally important for development. Agenda's 2030 and 2063 present a unique opportunity for young peoples' voice to be heard and to shape development policy and practice. In this survey ACE asked young Africans their perceptions on how well their voice is heard by policymakers in development, the role of social media in amplifying young people’s voice, how social media is used for social good in their community and, recognizing the importance of localizing the SDGs, the best platform to promote SDGs at the community level. From Kenya to Nigeria to Djibouti to Zambia to Lesotho young people articulate their concerns and  hopes for the future of development.
Question 1: Are young people heard by policymakers in development? Young people are heard by policymakers: ·Most youth believe their voice is heard but in different ways and in different levels ·Some issues raised through social media are addressed by policymakers. ·It is easier for young people to…

Africa Community Engagement's first E-ZINE

Africa Community Engagements first E-ZINE can be read and downloaded here. This edition features many inspiring committed Africa Community Changemakers from across the continent including the AU Special Envoy on Youth Aya Chebbi. We welcome any comments to editor Judyannet Muchiri at
May we take this opportunity of wishing love, peace and happiness at this special time of year to all our readers. 

Highlighting Changemakers - Ayaa Musuya Muttu

Ayaa is Art Curator for the Great African Art Banner, a project that seeks to work with artists representing all nations of the African Continent in creating a 55km art Banner depicting the Hopes, Dreams and Aspirations for the future of the Continent. It is set to run Continent wide from January 2020-2023. The moving Arts Project will travel across Africa with a group of its best artists to create arts which enhance dialogue around our dreams. It will also take a selected group across the globe to highlight the Arts and Social Development on the Continent. Find out more by contacting Ayaa at, +256 750 320659, facebook & Instagram: ayaaspeaks
Introduction My name is Ayaa Musuya Muttu, an Artist, and the Founder and Director of SistaSistaAfrika, an organization that seeks to encourage female to female mentorship, inspiration and learning in order to raise awareness and catalyse action around social issues impacting our communities. I strongly believe that t…

Highlighting Changemakers - Aya Chebbi

Briefly introduce yourself My name is Aya Chebbi. I am from Tunisia and I'm a Pan-African Feminist and serve as the Special Envoy on Youth of the African Union Commission Chairperson H.E Moussa Faki.
Why did you choose to be a community activist? My activism stems from a desire to change the oppressive practices I saw in my country while growing up, and to advocate for positive. Growing up I was something of a rebel. I saw many things in my immediate environment that greatly troubled me and made me uncomfortable. I was vocal against practices I believed were oppressive especially against women. So speaking up against injustice and making a positive change has always come naturally to me. However, the Tunisian revolution matured this natural rebel spirit. During that time I started a blog challenging the mainstream media, advocating for a peaceful revolution and having my own say in political matters. I eventually moved from amplifying just my own voice to build a movement to amplify …

Promoting Sustainable Development Goal 5 – Sheripher Dinala

Africa Community Engagement (ACE) engages young people to take an active role in making the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) a reality in their communities. I am privileged to be part of this dynamic platform of young people as well as serving as an Ambassador for Sustainable Development Goal number 5 (Gender Equality).
I am motivated to advocate for SDG 5 because it empowers women and girls to be part of the change they want to see in the world. I believe Women and girls everywhere, should have equal rights and opportunity, and be able to live free of violence and discrimination. Women’s equality and empowerment is one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, but also integral to all dimensions of inclusive and sustainable development. The achievement of SDG 5 is therefore vital to the achievement of all the other SDGs.
I also feel more motivated when young women and girls are the center of development in their communities. For a very long time, young women and girls have looked do…

Highlighting Changemakers - Martha Shumba

Briefly introduce yourself
My name is Martha Talent Shumba from Zimbabwe. I currently live in South Africa completing a degree in Business Management.

Why did you choose to be a community activist? My personal background motivated me to be proactive in addressing the challenges I faced and those I witnessed in my community such as poverty, gender inequality, child marriage, poor living conditions, starvation, and teenage pregnancies among others.
What kind of community work are you involved in? SheDad Foundation ( SheDad is a foundation whose primary focus is the boy child. It was founded in 2016 to coach, mentor, groom and be a catalyst for the progressive transformation of boys and young men in Africa. We provide a platform for boys and young men to learn, reprogram their thinking and sensitize gender-based abuse and empower themselves on issues that affect our men in society as well as be aware of their role in society. Some of our programs focus on ICT Training and Le…

Highlighting Changemakers - Francis Maberi

Briefly introduce yourself My name is Francis Maberi - many of my peers, those younger than I and the communities I have been engaging in public accountability for public services call me Ambassador and I have taken the title. I am a believer and practitioner for community mobilization and stakeholders lobbying as a mechanism for accountability, meaningful, visible and measurable service delivery and governance. My work spans from mobilising young people in faith institutions, co-chairing the global action youth team @Action2015Youth putting world leaders on pressure to commit to ending poverty, respond to climate change, and reduce inequality by adopting, domesticating and implementing of the SDGs leaving no one behind.
Why did you choose to become a community activist My journey to becoming an activist started with mobilizing age mates in my village to demand for water by walking to the local government. Colleagues and I were always punished at our primary school for arriving late at s…